Alberta has been haunting my like a good dream. Can’t wait to be back. (at Moraine Lake, alberta Canada)

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The Department of Spectacular Stunts is thrilled to share this awesome, acrophobia-triggering video of Scottish mountain bike trials cyclist Danny MacAskill riding along the precarious terrain of Cuillin Ridge in his native home of the Isle of Skye.

We had no idea that it was humanly possible to cycle down terrain as steep and rocky as this. The landscape is breathtaking and MacAskill’s treacherous ride along The Ridge, peppered with bike stunts, is a death-defying accomplishment.

Video by Cut Media

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The Valley of the Ten Peaks. Moraine Lake. #ScoutForth folks! Photo by @nathanielatakora

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Photo by: @stefan_elmer #ourcamplife

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Photo by moiaaron

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Photo by Beth Spreadborough

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One world °° by Twosane

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Photo by Hugo Sanchez

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